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Hello Serg,
and welcome to the forum

"Serg" wrote:
I downloaded Tabbles couple days before and it looks as a very promising application.
While UI is nice but in case of hundreds of tags it becomes really inconvenient.
It there a plan (a chance) to build (may be alternative ? for those who interested in productivity more than in nice looking) a l pain grid interface:
– Tabbles become rows in a grid;
– Files in browsed takes only one row in a greed ? file name, location on the disk and tags assigned.
– All these grids are normal scrollable grids ? up and down arrows which completely redraw the window are slow and inconvenient.

We’re thinking of having a more conventional GUI for the main window… btw, you can already hide the tabbles on the main window. They’re showed only in the files windows.
We’re also considering showing the files in a grid in the file windows (this one is probably gonna happen soon).
You should try using the search field in the main window, you can use it to quickly filter the visible tabbles.

"Serg" wrote:
And another suggestion ? please give me an ability not to tag files on selected drives. I have huge external drive which I do not need to tag at all. But Tagges periodically run background process to scan this drive; I kill it and Tagges runs it again. And I can?t delete the table for this drive.
Is there a way to kill this process permanently and/or delete this drive from Tabbles?

Tabbles doesn’t scan any drive: I assume you’re talking about the one-click tagging and there are some rules that get trigged by some file in that drive.
Here is a workaround: click the "auto-tagging rules" (or "Edit" > auto-tagging rules) button and have a look at the predefined rules there. You have a bunch of "When a file is created and the filetype is "something"", there you can whethere edit them and add the condition "and is in this folder" (setting "c:" for instance) or you can delete them all at once. I suggest you only delete the rules relative to the files that you think may trigger the rules in that drive (such as .mp3?) It would be cool if you tell us which one they were… and if you get this fixed at all.

Also, if you check the beta section and install the 1.3.9RC1, you’ll find the updated manual in it that explains a bit more how the auto-tagging (and one-click) rules work.

Anyway good point! We’ll write this down 🙂

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