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As I understand it, Tabbles checks for drives every so often (which has something to do with how Tabbles keeps up with file changes not done via Tabbles?).

Tabble does not check for drives periodically anymore. It once did though. Now it just listens to messages sent by Windows. (Windows sends messages like "this drive has just been attached /detached". In response to such messages, Tabbles creates disk-tabbles.)

Anyways, as a result you can’t hide any of the drive tabbles, or rather you can hide them until you reboot the program or otherwise cause Tabbles to redetect, then boom, they’re back. Kind of a pain for me too, but as I recall, Maurizio said there was nothing to be done because of the drive detection routines.

When you attach a drive, I need to give you a way to browse it with Tabbles. Currently this is accomplished by showing a disk-tabble which you can open.

I don’t think it actually runs any background processes on the drives, though it may look like it.

It seems there is a bug somewhere. I recall you told me that, from time to time, for no apparent reason, Tabbles starts scanning a disk recursively (applying rules recursively to folder C:, something like that). Now Serg seems to have the same problem. I don’t see why this should happen. Tabbles currently only scans a folder when it is created. (This is necessary because some rules might need to be applied to files in subfolders). Since root folders such as C: or D: are never created, Tabbles should never scan them. If it does, I need to understand why.

Could you tell me if this rescanning of root folders only happens for removable drives, or also for fixed drives?

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