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Ok, big apologies to Maurizio for my beating him up on inheritance. 😳 Did some playing last night and, indeed, the file DOES NOT inherit the parent tabble.

What I did;
1- created a ‘Year’ tabble
2- Dragged my year tabbles (2001, 2002, etc) into it
3- quick-added a year to a file – the file ONLY got the year tabble and DID NOT inherit the tabble ‘Year’

This makes me very happy as I won’t get useless tabbles added to my files. It does, however, raise the question as to how inheritance DOES work and deepens my confusion regarding it.

In mkayi’s example the question was whether by adding the nested tabble ‘Oil’ to a file, the file will also inherit (get added) the parent-tabble’s tags ‘Painting’ and ‘Art’.

It doesn’t seem to work in my above scenario of nested tabbles unless I haven’t figured out which way and how to drag them into the ‘nest’. It DOES work, though, if it’s done with folder-applied rules.

For example;
1- In Windows Explorer you set up directory ‘Art’ and create a rule to tag all files with the ‘Art’ tabble
2- add sub-directory ‘Painting’ to ‘Art’, create a rule to tag all files in it with ‘Painting’
3- add sub-dir ”Oil’ to ‘Painting’, create rule to tag all the folder’s files with ‘Oil’

It looks like mkayi’s example;

A file created in the ‘Painting’ sub-dir gets both ‘Art’ and ‘Painting’
A file created in ‘Oil’ gets ‘oil’, ‘painting’ and ‘art’ all via the 3 defined folder auto-tagging rules.

Is this what you are terming as "Inheritance" or is there something I’m missing? The reason I want to be sure of this is not only to get terms straight here, but because ‘inheritance’ (as I think of it) within Tabbles -does- have a place.

Again, apologies Maurizio. Appreciate your patience.

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