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"Maurizio" wrote:

If the inherited tabble -doesn’t- show up under the file then that certainly -does- change nestings usability in the file panel for me

It doesn’t. Ok, so I consider that problem solved.

Good. Will work with this. Apologies for my misunderstanding here. That said, the ability to have a switch to allow the parent-tabble to show is still valid in other situations, for example; the person "Gates" is part of the agency "DoD" so if I drop Gates into DoD then I want both to show up, whereas I -don’t- want the parent tabble "People" to show. Make sense? Minor now though and I may find there’s a work-around anyways.

"Maurizio" wrote:

As to scanning a set of file results – Probably like anyone I key on color, size and shape of the tags to get a quick idea of what I’ve got

Ok, but isn’t it easier to scan the list of suggested tabbles (which is located in the main body, before the files), in order to get "a quick idea of what you’ve got"? After all, that list does not contain repetitions. Scanning the tabbles below the files instead means scanning a list which contains the same tabbles over and over. What I don’t get is why you prefer to scan a list with a lot of repetitions, instead of a list which contains exactly the same elements but without repetitions.

No, although the suggested tabbles do help a bit in some cases, I’m often drilling down or generating ideas based on the files themselves. With the number of files I’m working with and adding daily I can’t tag as completely as I’d like or I’d have alot more than 700 tabbles, so I have to rely some on the filename and alot on my memory (still). (As a side benefit I’m also assessing the file’s current tagging in case I’ve added newer tabbles that may apply but that’s secondary) Also I spend alot of time in folders when not drilling so suggested tabbles there are not useful.

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