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Edited – there is a new .xls file with some comments in the next post!

Translation stuff

Ok guys, here you are!

How it works:
All you get is an xls file (you can open it with Excel or the free OpenOffice) and you get the original text written in English and a rough translation done by Google Translate.
All you need to do is to check the strings in your mother language, compare them with English and fix them if they sound stupid.

The rules:

1) Don’t mess up with the order of the lines: those lines will be copy&pasted again into another app, and it’s crucial that the order in which they’re pasted is the same as the one we provided. I guess you understand why 🙂

2) Beware of special characters: there are some stuff like the {N} or the [N] or the [1] that should NOT be touched in anyway! Those are handed specially as a part of the program will replace them with something else.

3)Remember to be consistent: if you translated the word "Combine" with a certain word once, you should stick to that word.

4) Feel free to delete the other languages in the file if it makes it easier for you: just don’t mess around with the lines in YOUR language!

5) Try and use the italian as extra reference: when translating from English to a more rich language (as German or Russian) which have for instance masculine/feminine/neutrum, you often need to understand what is the subject of the sentence, and maybe the string won’t help you. In those cases, my suggestion would be to use and translate from Italian to your target language – the italian language was made by us developers, and therefore it’s supposed to be correct 🙂

I guess that should be it.


If you don’t see your language in the translation: you’re still very welcome to send a translation to us! I suggest you advance that way:

1) you copy ALL the english text from the excel spreadsheet.
2) you paste it into (after selecting the correct output language).
3) you copy the output of and paste into the excel spreadsheet making sure that the last line in English correspond with the last line in your english – as the spreadsheet looks now.


A final word:

To those who didn’t understand it yet, currently Yellow blue soft is a bunch a of crazy guys working in the basement. We did quit our jobs and started working on Tabbles as we think that it’s just about time someone brought a relational database into file management and made a desktop application that looked better than edgy and boxy crap you see just about everywhere.
But that’s not all: we’re also enterpreneurs and therefore we’re looking forward to sell our products, grow a customer base, hire people, make some money, grow the company, develop more products, hire more people, make more money and finally buy Microsoft (or what’s left of it… 😀 ).
What you’re doing for us now, is helping us developing our product to further realize our dream. In return we’re giving you a license of our pumped-up and not yet fully developed Tabbles Business…this is not much but it’s all we can afford right now.
On that day when we will (hopefully) be a larger company and have many employees, please:
1) Try and remember us as the crazy guys working in the basement.
2) In case we forgot, please come and knock at our doors and remind us that once we were the crazy guys working in the basement and that you were the once helping us out with our dream. I hope we won’t have forgotten you at that point, cause if we did it would mean we also forgot our dream.

Thank you all,

Andrea and the Tabbles team.

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