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"mrdna" wrote: oooooooo…. Just saw an extra goody go by…

Have had the program open for an hour or so (doing some testing) and this little pop-up popped up saying Tabbles was working in the background… Hmmm… I didn’t recall setting it on some herculean task to need background time. Turns out Tabbles was making sure the auto-tagging rules were being followed and it picked up and tagged files that had been added/moved when it was not loaded! Very nice!

I couldn’t find an on/off toggle for it, nor a way to rescan manually. On the to-do list? 🙂

Cool feature.

Hi mdrna,

Currently, Tabbles only does what you say when you move a folder. More precisely: if you move folder F1 into folder F2, and F2 has a rule which adds tabble T, then Tabbles starts a background task to attach tabble T to folder F1 and all its content.

So, could it be you had just moved a folder?

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