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Dan Novak
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Hello @tarekjor & Co.,

A couple ideas I’ve been playing with, based on imageboards like Danbooru/Moebooru (  There’s a test instance running at (CAUTION: may be NSFW depending on what’s posted there).  


When entering a particular tag, a second tag is also added to the tagged resource.

For example, you can setup “shirt” -> “clothing”.  Tagging anything with “shirt” will also add the “clothing” tag.

I believe nested tags already do something like this, but I could not figure out how to make it work like I wanted.   


Tags that get replaced with other tags, e.g.

“Gordon Sumner” -> “Sting”.

“gray” -> “grey”

Both aliases and implications in Danbooru are apparently a performance hit, especially if there’s a lot of them – they run the processing as a background job or on adding an image/video.  I’m not sure what this means for something like Tabbles or if this can be done with a plugin.  I mean to try, however. 🙂

It’s not a substitute for a controlled vocabulary, but these may be one way to implement something like it. The ability to disable adding new tags in the tagging interface would also help enforce a controlled vocabulary (it may already do this with permissions and multiuser and such, but I’ve only ever explored Tabbles as a solo user)

Hashing: Might be useful to identify duplicate files – for example Danbooru uses this technique for uploaded media and it’s storage – files are stored with an MD5 hash of the content rather than the original filename.

— Dan

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