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I agree that the displaying of all subtabbles in the file-browser should be disablable (if that’s even a word).

But to the matter of the doc getting the parents tabbles of the one you drag it onto, I don’t see how you achieved that results.

I just dragged a test file onto a test tabble, and the only tabble it shows when right-clicking->tabbles the file is my test tabble, not its parents.
That said, the core idea of nested tabbles is to have more generic and more specific tabbles.

Imagine the following tabble hierarchy :
|-|-1920 x 1080
|-|-1280 x 720

You could imagine a lot of tabbles inside [vfx]

When you tag a file with the “1920×1080” tabble, you are basically saying “This file is a 1920×1080 video”. Tag it again with “transition” and you are adding “Oh, and it’s a stock video, more specifically a transition”.
So, when you look into the video tabble, it’s only normal to see it there, since it’s a video.

Nesting should be seen as a inheritance relationship, going into precision and detail the more we go deep. When looking for rectangles, you want to see squares too.

Did that help understanding how it works ?

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