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Hi there,

I hope I’m not writing too late 🙂 
Let’s see:
Zeta is running, but so is visual studio if I reboot. (Which is actually better?)

Use Zeta, definitely!

When I opened the file in sublime, I noticed that many tags were offset, in zeta, there are also many blanks (new version).

Use Zeta! What is this Sublime? What are the tags? Yes, there are many blanks cause the 3.0 hasn’t been localized yet.

Will the resources be sorted by key name when I export? Are any designations obsolete.
Should developer comments be translated too? Do you have a solid link to .resx String formatting? (var) = string and {int} number? What are your own specifications (although I infer some), is there more available? Are there unacceptable characters or escape sequences?

We don’t know about this… we just know that Zeta works for the job, so I suggest you stick to it!

Less technical, while I don’t use french software, There were things I wanted to rephrase, semantically there are things I would change from the wiki. (If that’s open? Where/who to discuss?)

Please discuss with me 🙂
You’re more than welcome to help with the Wiki too – please write me at andrea at and I’ll make you an account on the wiki.

I’d like to take charge, let me know asap. I’ll share a dropbox link or you can diff. One of typos, other + smoother semantics.
You can attach the file here too… that should be easier?
Thanks a lot 🙂

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