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Hi, The EULA probably needs to be rewritten for Tabbles 3. This is one reason why we are still in beta.

I hope this will clarify:

one Tabbles Home license can be used by only one person. But that person can use Tabbles on 3 different machines. (provided he uses the same Windows user name on all machines — otherwise Tabbles assumes they are different persons).

With 4 licenses of Tabbles home, 4 persons can collaborate with each other; and each person can use up to 3 different machines. This means a maximum of 12 machines can collaborate together.

For non-commercial purposes.

Can the “Tabbles Home” license be used by up to 4 windows users on the same PC?

No, only one person per license. Even on the same machine, to have 4 windows users you need 4 licenses.

“how are users defined? Windows users? SQL server users? Other?”

This can be confusing. There is only one Sql server user (called tabblesClient). So we can rule this out. So we only must distinguish between Tabbles users and Windows users. A Tabbles user cannot use more than one Windows username; but he can use up to 3 different machines. 🙂

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