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Let us spoil you with our support!

Some people love our product, some people like it less, still they are all equally impressed with the passion we put in customer support.

Most of what you need is already online… We’re a small team, we love what we’re doing and we love sharing it with you. This translates directly into a vibrant community where our users share their love ask questions and share their frustrations (of course there are frustrations too!). Generally speaking, Tabbles requires little customer support and we have plenty of online resources, including:

We have never let anyone down and we’re not planning to start today! Some of you will prefer writing an email or calling us (on the phone or via skype) – don’t be shy, we love hearing from you and we’ll go the extra mile to get our software working at its best for you. Andrea is responsible for both Sales and Customer support, you can reach him via:

  • Phone: +45 43 61 36 77(in Denmark, so workin hours at GMT+1)
  • Skype: andrea.tabbles
  • Email: andrea |at| tabbles |dot| net

The cost of customer support? Ha! We’re currently not charging anyone for support, because:

  • Our software should just work – if it doesn’t it’s our fault and we’re the ones who have to make it work for your, obviously free of charge.
  • We don’t have milions of customers yet, plus a relatively little pressure for customer support. This means both that our software usually works just fine, as well as we have time to help those of you who are in troubles… let us spoil you.
  • Based on the above, we didn’t even think about customer support plans, yet. You call us, we pick up – that’s it.

…so just call/write us! 🙂

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