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    Hi there,

    I am new to Tabbles – thanks to Andrea for helping me with me license-model-issues, everything worked fine.
    Right now I have a (minor) problem. I tabbled a file with a "TestTagMain"-Tag; now I cannot delete this Tabble anymore. It ever shows up again, after I’ve chosen to delete it.
    When I chose to remove from the Tabbles Gallery it says (correctly) that there are no files attached to it so the tabbled can’t be removed but has to be deleted; I say "ok" but it doesn’t delete it either.

    There are no files that are tabbled with that "TestTagMain"-Tabble.
    I had a "TestTagSub"-Tabble inside that Tabble a few days ago; that sub-tabbled I could delete with out any problems.

    Help please…

    Update: Although the "TestTagSub"-Tabble doesn’t show up in the gallery, I still can select it in the main window (as a SubTabble of TestTagMain)… so I assume it’s still somewhere around…
    None of these two tabbles can be deleted… 🙁

    Update 2: I added a test-Tag again and tried to delete it. Didn’t work… Now I have 3 useless tags in my database I cannot get rid of anymore… 😕

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