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Hello there,

we’ve been talking about this for a while already… we know that there is an issue there. We are now prioritizing new features (like the auto-tagging rules based on folder/filename/extension and) and then some on the same tune… we need to think of a smart solution, and has to be "one size fits all" to solve this.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but you could try and arrange them manually in order to separate the ones you use more often by the others… one think you could try is to draw a desktop background with some circled areas (with names on top) and you could manually arrange your tabbles into those, in a mind-mapping-like style.
Maybe you don’t know it but you can scale the size of the background, you access it by Misc > Resize wallpaper. I hope this helps… please don’t hate me if it doesn’t 😐

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