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hello bob,

thanks for your feedback, much appreciated,

"inf2know" wrote: Do not like being a Practicalist, but the request on how many files in Tabbles and the instructions on how to obtain the number indicate why the use of Tabbles MUST require freeware for some time. The learning curve (even for experienced people like me) is VERY STEEP, Here is a VERY Current example:

This topic begins with a "simple" request, How many files in Tabbles. BUT a small picture included and the instructions:
1) double click on the tabble "Tagged", the one with the Tabblee icon (in the picture…maybe it’s name is "used with Tabbles") 2) read the number in the top right."
Above indicates an small example of THE MAJOR learning curve challenge.

Yes, we totally agree on this. Making a free-limited version is our next move.

"inf2know" wrote:
It is important to remember that almost ALL users and potential users of Tabbles (me included) have been raised on explorer or equivalent. Personally I use powerdesk + other utilities like treesize and windir to provide SIMPLE "management" of my files. The learning curve on these products was close to zero.

The videos were a big help, but the user interface and simple information and intuitive navigation will be the key to user acceptance and THEN the $ will follow.

I have NO problem with a file limit (Maybe a folder limit would be better).
I like the limit idea but what is a Tabble definition of a file?

If it includes the htm(s) and associated files in the folder then the number better be large. On the usability point, If I could define to tabbles (SIMPLY), a filter that says ONLY include the HTML file and not the subfolder and its files then the number would be MUCH smaller.

Ok, what is "large" for you? I mean: we need a number that is large enough not to discourage people but that would be a good needle to tell a casual users from one who is getting the best out of Tabbles.

"inf2know" wrote:
Related is the the following about a file called xxx.html and the related folder xxx(and its sub files).
IF I "move" the xxx.html FILE (not the folder) than the file is moved with its subfolder. If I rename xxx.html to bbb.html then the xxx folder is no longer associated with the html.

it seems to me that this is a problem related to Explorer, isn’t it? This is a "smart" explorer behaviour, something it tries to do cause it "thinks" they’re part of a group… what is the implication for Tabbles?

"inf2know" wrote:
Hope this helps.
[email protected]

I just ran TreeSize Free and it reports on the simple run that I have 249,289 in my downloaded software folder and
295,954 in my "critical" files folder.

The problem with this "number" is that there are thousands of htm or similar type "files" that are associated with sub folders and there is a lot of "junk" inside.

For example a "file" called downloads.html (The Download Tabbles 1.3.8) page is 33,046 bytes, HOWEVER the "subfolder and associated files add 35 more files for an additional 362kb)

Yes, I know your problem. We’ll see if we can implement a a filter of some sort, but no promises here! 🙂


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