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Das Gefühl bekomme ich wenn ich die Tabbles Homepage übersetze. Wo das Problem ist? Weil sich heute in beinahe jedem Programm das etwas mit Dateimanagement zu tun hat „tags“ finden? Wir taggen was das Zeug hält. Wir taggen was wir auf unsere shared cloud drives uppen und mit Tabbles socializen wir es auch und sharen (Read Post)

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HELLO WORLD. Update2: we released one more little patch to 1.3.8… at night we can sleep a bit better now! 🙂 ———————Yes, one update more.But not just a simple update this time: this one will go to several magazines and Maurizio was up 36hours in a row coding this… 🙂 More details on our forum (Read Post)

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the changelog is coming soon… the biggest feature is the auto-tagging rules. The download is at the usual place. More to come later on….

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HELLO WORLD Many little things going on. I’ll keep it short this time! Development Tweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | tweaking | bug-fixing. Getting close to a release which was supposed to be a small one, but it’s turning out to be pretty massive 🙂 But most important: fighting with Windows (Read Post)

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Here I am again! It was a calm week – read: everything went as planned. Development We rolled out the 1.2beta2! With quite a fat change-log. The most interesting thing is the detachable file panel and the drag’n’drop: now you can drag’n’drop files from the file panel to a tabble on the tabble floor, or (Read Post)

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…with a fat and exciting changelog! Here you go.

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Sexy, isn’t it? 😀 Vielen dank to Nefycee! (he commented: „with a growing db you can make a Monalisa“) Want to see more and post yours? Go here What else can you do with Tabbles? Well, you can make your desktop look like a mind mapping tool or even play games!

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Hello world, What is a comunity without a chatroom? 🙂 http://www.tabbles.net/forum/chat/ You can register on our forum but you’re also welcome as a guest (just leave the password field empty!). Peace, Andrea

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I thougth I should write something for those who are curious on how things evolved… I’ll just copy paste something from our old Facebook group: 11 October: we created the Tabbles page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tabbles/152763993426 I’d say that the group will be replaced from the page…no? 🙂 10 October: Tabbles 1.2beta1 is out for testing, and it’s (Read Post)

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Hello world, if you know Tabbles already, the 1.2 beta1 will let you say „WOW!“. If you don’t know Tabbles yet, the 1.2 beta1 will make your jaw drop on the floor. 😀 More info on our forum. You don’t believe me? Let’s see if this shot helps:

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Tabbles 4.2.0 (~ 19MB)
Compatible with: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. For LAN mode, it requires Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 or above.

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