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    Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, but life gets busy…

    Speaking of which… It’s looking most excellent! Quite the step up from 1.1. 🙂

    And speaking of that climb from 1.1, once again you try to take away my tabble names under the file in compact mode! Now I know Maurizio hates me, but to defeat the ‘file view > show tabbles below each file’ switch in Compact view is just mean. He knows very well how much I hate those generic tabble-count bubbles on the corner of each file. Doesn’t replace the nice tabble list in my book.

    And what’s up with that ‘Normal’ view? …. Wait, no… Never mind, that’s actually not too bad, really, just not my preferred view. Which is, I should mention, compact view with tabbles shown under each file.

    (Was this a good rant, Andrea? Tried not to go over the top and actually tick Maurizio off. 😉 )

    Haven’t run it through it’s paces on RAM use, but it seems to be behaving itself at the moment. Says ver 1.5.4. Don’t think I got a good download of the beta, but no problem for now. Want to grab the info I saw go by about using dropbox and see how that all works. Still need to get my stuff together on regular expressions too.

    Nice job guys, it just keeps getting better! (except for that compact view… :mrgreen: )

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