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      Tabbles causes windows explorer to crash.

      I was using Tabbles and windows explorer started crashing (opening and then closing but ONLY on views where I had included the “Tags” column; other  view where “Tags” wasn’t visible worked fine).

      So, I stopped using Tabbles and windows explorer stopped crashing.

      I started using Tabbles again (same frustration with tagging as led me to Tabbles in the first place)…and now windows explorer is crashing again but only when the view has the “Tags” column included.  I cannot take that column off the particular view because windows explorer crashes.

      It DEFINITELY has something to do with Tabbles and the “Tags” column; otherwise windows explorer works fine.


      How do I fix this?!?!?!?

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      Hi there,

      we can’t really help with Windows Explorer crashes, this could be due to many issues, typically another application or antivirus, you’d need a sysadmin to look into it.

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