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  • staley
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    I work in the IT Division of a four year university in the US. And I love this product, it would be nice for subversion support… but over all it’s a refreshing way to interact with my files… that’s why I am interested in Tabbles. 😀

  • Andhrizz
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    The first version I have downloaded from Giveaway of the day.com worked fine. But the later installations are not working for me. Tabbles is not starting at all. It is showing language option and when I selected English and click OK the application is crashing with a error window. I have tried complete uninstall. I could not find the old version now to test whether it is the problem with new versions. I think the problem started when I tried to install Beta. I am inserting the link to screen capture for your preview. Please advice what shall I do now. http://screencast.com/t/MDMyNDA4Nj

  • Andrea
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    Hello Andrizz,

    try this: rename (or delete) the folder c:documents and settingsyour_userdocumentsTabbles
    and afterwards try to launch Tabbles again… thanks

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