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    Hi, I’m MASTER260. One of my more recent projects has been the creation of a C++ app that would add more compatability to the Pokemon video games.

    Thing is, I believe apps should be made with Tabbles in mind. I was, for a while, debating implementation. When I was for some stupid reason thinking that just treating a Tabble like an Explorer Directory when opening a .n64 file, (A DexDrive N64 Save File,) I contacted Yellow Blue Soft.

    The response I got was to see if changing things around in Tabbles’ JavaScript-based Internet Browser Bookmarklet would help. Currently, it’s the only response I got.

    Right now the current implementation I’m aiming for is to treat a Tabble like an Explorer directory when the user opens up a .n64 file, BUT if it was opened up in a Tabble, it would automatically change the OT variable, (the Pokemon variable that indicates which trainer originally caught it,) to the name of the Tabble. (It would be useful considering I personally think kids would enjoy, say, having their name or something as the OT instead of, "my friend who traded me the Pokemon.")

    Anyways, it looks to me like I should be changing the, "tag_url," value in the JavaScript code to an appropriate value, & than, say, use CodeIDE to convert the code to C++. I could use .NET Reflector 6.5, but that would take a lot of sifting, & it looks like its search function doesn’t help much…

    So, any help?

    Thank you,

    EDIT: Woops, wrong board, please move to Development board.

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