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  • nefycee
    Post count: 143

    And why is it twice under my ava?
    Is it the same like a post rating?
    For what did I get these 5 points?
    …hä? 😕

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    pt_5_Agosto_ricky.zip (57.7 KB)

  • Andrea
    Post count: 893

    It’s a sort of rating system for users… you got the karma from me 😀

    do you like it? :mrgreen:

  • nefycee
    Post count: 143

    I don’t understand it 😳
    let my try…about you 😛

    …I can only distribute once?
    (so this point was for all the good work :D)

  • mrdna
    Post count: 220

    Used the upper item before (5 dots and title) on a forum system a couple years ago (phpbb) but have never seen the karma thingie. Very cool.

    Found a hack for rating the message itself? Saw you were looking into that…

    Oh, and thanks for the karma! Will try to keep it from running over anyone’s dogma… (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • staley
    Post count: 83

    This is kind of cool. I haven’t seen something like this exactly in other forums. There are "thanks" tracking and such… so it might be similar. (Hint if I am able to assist you in anyway… increasing my karma is much appreciated.)

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