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      I’m using the "favorites tree" as a kind of library (like win7 librarys) and created some "categories" (see the arrow) to get quick access to some files/tabbles. These categories are simple tabbles in which I put in often needed tabbles as childs. So I don’t have to search always in the workspace after these files/tabbles.

      But this causes some problems,
      1. these tabbles disappear from the main level (now in the favorites folder)
      2. not every sub-tabble should be tagged like a child-tabble
      3. these "quick-tabbles" are no favorites (better overview)

      So it would be nice to create own virtual folders (see heart) and subfolders in the tree panel in which I can put tabbles without moving them from the main level.

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      Yes, you would be correct if you said I was blatantly bumping this idea… :mrgreen:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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