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  • Nebulous
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    I have truly been wishing and waiting for a program exactly like Tabbles to be developed for years. I’ve tried similar programs, but they aren’t practical. I’m anxious to get this working!

    I installed this a couple of months ago and it didn’t work, but I was too busy to try to fix it and disabled it. Now I’m ready to try again.

    I can drag/drop a file onto Tabbles and everything works fine. But when I save a document (e.g., in Word) and the One-Click Tagging” balloon pops up, whether I add a new tag and associate it with the document or select an existing tag, neither one is saved.

    In other words, when I open Tabbles and look at documents associated with the tag, it’s empty.

    One-Click is most likely going to be how I tag files, so this is important to me.

    What is blocking it from saving? Could there be a process or service or security setting that is doing this?

    I’m a technical guy, so you can explain at a technical level.



  • Nebulous
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    Bump?? I would sure appreciate some assistance on this.

  • Andrea
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    I guess this has been taken care of, per email 🙂

  • Nebulous
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    Yes it is resolved.

    I had a bad Tabbles folder in my Documents folder. Not sure if it was cross linked files, bad sectors, etc. After fixing the problem I ran ChkDsk and found no issues, so it’s a mystery.

    I noticed the problem when I right-clicked the folder to rename it and my computer froze for 5 minutes. I repeated this 2 more times to make sure a security scan, backup process, etc. wasn’t creating the slowness.

    Anyway, I used DOS to remove the folder by opening a command window and entering the following:
    rd C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Tabbles /s /q

    The next time I started Tabbles, the program created a new folder structure and everything worked fine. Of course, I lost the few tags I had created, but that was minimal.

    Thanks, Andrea, for your helpful email support!

    Tabbles Rocks!


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