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    Tabbles crashes when adding a network shared folder if any sub folder is not granted access to the user. Is their anyway you can simply ignore those files when parsing the directory structure in .NET?

    This was the dump I received… I have already submitted to [email protected]

    BTW: I Replace the actual Network Path with [Network Path] for security reasons. 😉

    Code version: 1.0.17

    ——————– Level 0 ————-

    Exception type = System.UnauthorizedAccessException

    Message = Access to the path ‘[Network Path]’ is denied.

    StackTrace = at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
    at System.IO.Directory.InternalGetFileDirectoryNames(String path, String userPathOriginal, String searchPattern, Boolean includeFiles, Boolean includeDirs, SearchOption searchOption)
    at System.IO.DirectoryInfo.GetFiles(String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption)
    at System.IO.DirectoryInfo.GetFiles()
    at Tabbles_logic.get_all_files_in_dir_recursively(FSharpList`1 files_fatti, FSharpList`1 dirs_fatte, FSharpList`1 frontiera, FastFunc`2 fun_for_each_dir, FastFunc`2 fun_for_each_file, FastFunc`2 exit_if)
    at [email protected](DirectoryInfo di, wnd_progress_add_tabbles progress_win, Ref`1 files, Ref`1 dirs, Ref`1 thread_terminated_correctly, Unit unitVar0)

  • staley
    Post count: 83

    Thanks… I’ll try and check this out… and report back if anything happens that’s not expected… hope it’s a help! 😀

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