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      Hi Andrea –

      First: is possible to edit (change) the default search view: “Specify current Location

      In my machine,  all ‘TABBLES’ files are on a single Drive, but the default “browse for Folder” interface shows dozens of locations (including a dozen shares, it seems)

      Second:  in most cases when “tabbles cannot find the following files” the issue is a file name change (that was somehow not caught by the application – usually something like a date “2013” appended to the original filename, later.)  The, I must use Explorer to fix this by navigating to the correct directory, change the file name back to whatever Tabbles thinks it is. Back in Tabbles, I use “Specify current Location” mechanism and find the file. Then, in Explorer, i change the name (back) to the updated filename, and confirm that Tabbles  sets the ‘overlay’.

      I seem to remember, in some prior iteration of Tabbles ?, that i could, somehow, navigate to another (any) file (typically that same file with a different file name) and ‘set’ that as the TABBLES FILE. Then i didn’t have to go through the trouble of re-tagging.

      am i remembering wrong ?

      ideal mechanism: “Search for” all (phantom) files -> access explorer view, with files listed -> “click a file” -> “Update”


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