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  • Michalis Karakatsanis
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    Hello everyone. I personally think that tabbles is a piece of software with huge potential but it needs to polish itself with some otherwise basic functions:

    – Add Selecting all files with Ctr-A (this is something that cannot be missing from a file explorer)
    – Sort by type (again very basic)
    – What is the need for the page-view for the results?
    – Add (new) multiple tags: I have a list of the tags that I am using, I don’t see the point of entering one by one, manually.
    – More advanced search: search in filepath etc.
    – Maybe find a way to connect tabbles tags’ database to Everything search (this would be awesome :))
    – Ability to edit shortcuts/hotkeys (I would love to have a shortcut key for tagging files in windows explorer)
    – I could write more but…

    Still, I believe that tabbles is a great piece of code!

  • Maurizio
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    These are all great suggestions. The first one was already in the TODO list, and will be done before Tabbles 4 final.

    Sort by type: you are right but you can combine a file-type tag, so as to restrict the view to just one type.

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