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  • mwhite
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    Maurizio – Please make the scalable feature an option. I know I would not want scalable tabbles in most cases, while others may benefit from that visual cue.


    FYI: I am a software architect and specialize in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) utilizing Documentum. The idea of tagging and utilizing metadata is what I do for a living…just not at the workstation level. This is why I am so intertested in what you guys are building. 😎

  • Maurizio
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    You haven’t told me why you dislike different sizes.

    However, I see no reason why it should be mandatory.

    The way I envision it, the behavior will be the following: you can switch between two modes: tabbles-with-same-size and tabbles-with-different-sizes.

    1. When you switch from same-size-mode to different-size-mode, some tabbles will become bigger, and some will stay as they are; no tabble will become smaller. At the same time, all tabbles will smoothly rearrange themselves not to overlap each other. (Some tabbles, becoming bigger, will push other tabbles away; these tabbles in turn will push other tabbles, so there will be a lot of movement on the screen.)

    2. when you switch from different-size-mode to same-size-mode, some tabbles will shrink and some will stay as they are. So some holes will appear that were not present previously. These holes may be annoying to you. But, if you never switch to different-size-mode, you should never see this.

    What do you think?

  • mwhite
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    I think your modes are good.

    Why I would not use scalable tabbles: Scalable would result in certain tabbles being larger, conveying importance. The way I use Tabbles means that even though I commonly use one tabble more than another it does make it more important. It just may be a more common. For example, one customer may supply 200 sample docs for me to work with. If I tag them all for that customer it does not mean that customer is more important than another.

    Does that make sense?


  • Andrea
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    sure, it makes a lot of sense. If something is bigger, it should also be important…now the question is: how can we decide if something is more important than something else? In other words: what data can we use to understand if a tabble is more important than another? Any hint would be highly appreciated! 🙂



  • mwhite
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    First answer: allow users to choose scalable or not. 😉

    In my opinion, visually indicating importance that is not important. Other opinions may vary, though.

    Applying importance to cetain tabbles sure smells like tagging a tag, which is why you got rid of categories. I believe users can create tabbles to indicate importance… imagine a "hot" tabble, or a "draft", "current". "expired" set of tabbles. We can use your tool to convey importance in ways that makes sense for each of us!

    (Just let us drag tabbles to tabbles! 😎 )


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