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    Hi Andrea . . . just a little request here . . .

    The requests concern the "Auto-tagging rule editor" – pop-up window:

    1. Add a "copy" or "duplicate" option as a short-cut to creating tagging-rules which are similar – along with enough validation that if the user didn’t make at least 1 change to the "copy" then Tabbles wouldn’t allow the rule to be created. I could see this providing some definite time savings.
    2. Currently, after the user "activates" a rule (turns blue – very nice!) – Allow him/her to right-click and be offered the same selections as at the top of the window ("copy" too).
    3. If the user double-clicks on a rule – it should automatically open in the "edit" window.
    4. Anytime "delete" is selected, a confirmation should pop-up before it’s removed – Followed by a "undo" option.
    Currently, while testing things here for you, I hit delete – a rule vanished – and I have no idea which one it was. It all happened in a split-moment and it was an accident on my part. However, there is no "Un-Do" option that I see . . . Would have loved a chance to "undo" that one. I’ll figure it out somewhere down the line, I’m sure.

    Not a feature request . . . but, I’ve also noticed a strange, gray-ish image in the upper-right area of this window (above and to the right of the search field).


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