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    • Sergio
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      In version 5.2.xx, how can I remove (and bulk remove) shadow files?

      I tried what’s written on the manual (https://tabbles.net/manuals-wiki/)for version 4, but I can’t find any of the options

      <h4><span id=”Completely_removing_Shadow_files.2Ffolders” class=”mw-headline”>Completely removing Shadow files/folders</span></h4>
      If you untag a shadow file, Tabbles will still hold a record of the file in its database. This is done for several reason. You can completely remove shadow files in different ways:
      <h4><span id=”Remove_the_selected_shadow_file.28s.29.2Ffolder.28s.29″ class=”mw-headline”>Remove the selected shadow file(s)/folder(s)</span></h4>
      You’ll need to select the file(s)/folder(s) you want to remove, then <i>Right click > More > Untag completely (ALT + F)</i>.
      <h3><span id=”Bulk_remove_shadow_file.28s.29.2Ffolder.28s.29″ class=”mw-headline”>Bulk remove shadow file(s)/folder(s)</span></h3>
      If you need to remove <b>all the shadow files from a folder, a disk or a tag</b>, then <i>Right click > Advanced > Remove all shadow files in this tag from the database</i>.

      If you want to remove <b>all the shadow files from the database</b>, Right click on “Workspace” then “Remove all shadow files in this tag from the database”.

      Thanks in advance

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      Best regards

      Sergio Parreira

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    • Andrea
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      Hello Sergio,

      you’re right, in Tabbles 5 you can use the Database Edit Wizard.

      Please check manual again, just updated it.

    • Sergio
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      It’s not as straight forward, since you need to copy/paste or type the path, but did the job.


      Thank you

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