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    • Misukasten
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      I categorized my photos and built a tabble, which contains photos from different folders of the Explorer.
      I tried to open them all together with the Windows Media Player, but it failed. "Open with" didn’t appear in the right-click menu. What did I wrong?
      Greetings, Misukasten

    • staley
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      Does tabbles support this, it would make sense if it did. But I can see the programming issues with implementing it.

    • Andrea
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      Hello Misuskaten and welcome to forum!

      We’re aware of this issue and we’re afraid there is no easy solution to this…

      the problem is that most (if not all) of the windows apps assume are coded assuming that the files sit in the same folder. We’ll try to find a workaround to this, but right now I’m obliged to say "no promises here".
      (then of course our core developer Maurizio could pop a rabbit out of his hat and solve the issue in 1 hour… but still no promises :-))

      best regards,


    • Misukasten
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      Thanks a lot for answering such quickly!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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