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    So, I might get a new laptop soon, & I’m wondering what ya’ll think of my planned setup:

    Computer: Whatever I get.
    Booting off of: 500 GB Iomega External HDD with VBoot. (VBoot: .)
    OS’ & means of Relational File Storage:
    1. Windows 7 with Tabbles & liquidFOLDERS installed.
    2. Windows Vista with Tabbles & liquidFOLDERS installed. (Really a backup of my broken laptop which, of course, ran Vista…)
    3. Windows Longhorn 4074 which came with WinFS & I’ll try liquidFOLDERS. (Hee hee hee, illegal downloading. 😉 If ya’ll wondering why I don’t plan on trying Tabbles… well, installing .NET 2 on LH 4074 without patches apparently breaks the system, imagine trying .NET 4!)
    4. New Beginning, (my own OS,) which comes with PyTagsFS & I’ll try liquidFOLDERS in Wine. (I know for a fact .NET 4 doesn’t work in Wine…)
    All VHDs, of course, since I’ll be using VBoot.

    …So, what do ya’ll think?

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