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    • Versuchender
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      Hi there,

      my wife and I are looking for a tagging tool we can use (together) and came across Tabbles. So far I like the design, the promising auto-tagging feature and the reviews you’ve gotten. Therefore I want to go for a testrun, yet I fail the setup. My research wasn’t helpfull, so I am asking here for a quick hint.

      Initial Setup

      We own a NAS (Synology 218) and as far as I understand the How to, there has to be a SQL Server running. So I installed MariaDB 10 (MySQL Database), installed phpMyAdmin and configured a database named “tabbles”.

      Starting Tabbles

      Starting Tabbles, I choose “Tabbles Lan” and enter all the required stuff (see attachment). I even varied the check boxes, tried root-access to database, etc. Bugreport is attached as well.

      My questions are:

      1. Is it even possible to use a MariaDB 10 Server or would I need a “real SQL-Server” (e. g. on a virtual machine or installed locally)
      2. What’s the best alternative regarding setup? My wife and I got 2 notebooks as well as 2 desktop pc, data is synched via NAS between all 4 devices.

      I am looking forward you suggestions and would be pleased using Tabbles instead of searching for an alternative 😐

    • Versuchender
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      Problem solved. I sensed that MariaDB isn’t sufficient. A friend of mine made me a MS SQL-Server container. Works fine with it, so we can try it out. (Followed by upgrading the NAS to get docker/container ourselves.)

    • Andrea
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      Yes, correct 🙂

      You need Microsoft SQL Server to run Tabbles. The Express version works fine, for up to 100  users or so.

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