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    • TheeDragon
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      I use nested tabbles a LOT – so I can find what I a looking for
      (as in same logic for nested folders in Explorer)
      it sure is NOT convenient to have to hit NEW table, then have to drag it into the correct location every time I make a new Tabble
      is there a better way ???

    • Oddwel
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      I was wondering the same thing. As far as I know, there is none : you have to create your tabbles, then organise them.
      Then again, it’s still really painful when creating a lot of tabbles. There is no “tabble hierarchy manipulation” dedicated tool except for the Workspace, and there you only have access to the top-level ones, the nested ones being accessed through popups whithin which you can not select multiple tabbles at once to move them around.

      Not being able to add directly a new child from a parent tabble, and not being able to easily change the nest-hierarchy of your tabbles is something that really infuriates.

      But I guess it’s not something you have to go through everyday, so if it’s not currently available, while it’s being developped if it ever is, we can bear with it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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