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  • TheeDragon
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    started computer this morning
    it asked me to login .????
    user name, data base etc
    well – first – it asked what language I wanted to use
    (ie like a fresh install)

    well = for the hundreds of programs I DO have my login creds
    I do NOT for Tabbles 🙁

    I scanned the HD = I STILL have tons TABBLES files and folders etc
    and I found the tabbles-core-log (should I attach it?)
    it does not seam to have anything unusual

    what do I do ??
    worse case / i do not mind uninstall re-install
    (as I had just – SUCCESSFULLY – deleted ALL tables and rebuilt my nested tables _
    that was a few days ago – so I KNOW that is NOT the problem)


    before I so all that = is there a solution ???
    I used LAN and windows authentication
    I can probably recall my password – but NOT the Tabbles User name (I can guess)
    but certainly not the database server address

    i have v 3.1.4

    please advise


  • Maurizio
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    Probably your config file was corrupted, so the client does not remember the credentials.

    Since you are using Tabbles lan, there is no automatic “forgot password” procedure, but you can read the credentials with sql management studio, in the “user” table.

    Login with sql management studio and _administrator_ privileges, then open the tabbles database, and the user table.

  • TheeDragon
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    Just wanted to acknowledge here in public forum that Maurizio provided additional help to me via email….. Ie great personal service.


    Ps. Problem resolved

  • J.J.
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    Grrrr, after a clean Windows10 install and restoring the database I also can’t log in any more. Same screen like a fresh install (I forgot my Tabbles-credentials as well….)
    I alreayde sent Maurizio a personal mail so I hope to resolve my problem soon.

  • Maurizio
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    @milusjunod: please write me at [email protected] (I didn’t receive any mail form you).

    Please specify if you are using Tabbles Cloud or Lan. It is not clear from you post.

    If you are using lan, please follow this: tabbles.net/blog/video-how-to-migrate-the-tabbles-database-to-a-different-sql-server-instance/

    (in particular the script at the end)

    If you still have problems, try to connect with Management Studio as described here:


    and tell me if you can connect.

    if you are using tabbles Lan and lost your password, you can find it in the “users” table (login with management studio).

  • J.J.
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    Hello Maurizio,

    Thx for the link to this specific video. I created the new tabblesClient under logins and used the script to attach it to tabblesClient under users. After that I was able to login, but appearently I stored the files on another HDD (which wasn’t aware of….thought it was the same.)
    I replaced the diskid in MgtStudio with sql-script and after that it was all working fine again 🙂 (yes!)

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