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      Stating the obvious, Tabbles is about organizing and finding information. Not having to remember _where_ I put the document, as long as I can remember _what_ this is about. Every time I have to return to Explorer, I lose the advantage of having Tabbles. Worse still, if I have to return to Explorer regularly, I duplicate my mental inventory of what is where, not saving my time but using it. That’s a bummer.

      The features I propose are meant to keep the whole workstream with documents inside Tabbles. Create a doc, edit, use it, send/share it, find it years later.

      1. Creating a new document from Tabbles. It should not be too difficult to summon Windows “New Document” dialogue and attach all tags from the current context automatically. This would be single biggest improvement to keep user working in Tabbles, not returning to Explorer every now and then.

      (a note on the side – I can achieve _almost_ the desired behaviour by going to a some document I would like to use as template, call “Explorer Menu”, or “Registered Actions” and select New there – a new document is made as copy of the current one, just a few clicks too long. A single “Make New from Current doc”  would be a great menu option)

      2. Register Tabbles view as VFS in Windows, so it could be accessed straight from “Save As” dialogue of other apps. M-Files and others do it, so should Tabbles.

      Of course, there are a few questions to answer, like in which folder to save it in Windows FS. My suggestion would be to have a designated “Heap” folder where all such files from “Save as” will be placed, possibly under “Year/month/date” automatic folder structure like “Media Uploads” in WordPress. If the user wants to move them somewhere else, he can. OR there can be rules for choosing folders depending on the tags attached to the files. I think the latter could be user-programmable in the current structure of Tabbles, can leave it to users as long as the basic “Heap” is there.

      3. Create a “Documents timeline” view under current tag context. This may require some database programming and logic tinkering, so not an immediate issue, but to me looks like a cool option to make daily document management routine a bit easier – and make Tabbles more attractive.

      Hope some of this is of interest. I would certainly welcome both (1) and (2).


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