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      eg in my tab browser –

      I have ‘country’

      I want to add a new item == it SHOULD be listed UNDER country

      but it is not  – it auto inserts alphabetically – then I have to move it

      can this be amended?


    • Andrea
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      Nope, sorry.

    • Avatar photoarianapaul
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      When it comes to creating a new tag, keeping the location in mind can indeed be beneficial. Adding a location-specific tag helps provide context and relevance to the content being shared. It allows users to easily find and filter information specific to their region or area of interest. This can be particularly useful in marketing campaigns targeting specific geographic locations or when discussing location-specific trends or events. Additionally, from a marketing perspective, understanding the importance of location in tagging can help marketers effectively target their audience, tailor their messaging, and optimize their strategies for different regions. For those seeking assistance with marketing assignments, understanding the relevance of location in marketing is crucial. Professional help with marketing assignments can provide valuable insights on utilizing location-based strategies and incorporating them into marketing campaigns effectively

Viewing 2 reply threads
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