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    Due to power failure, after I had restarted my computer, Tabbles behaved like it was fresh-installed: it "forgot" all tabbles and set-ups as well…

    I have used Tabbles for some months and have many files linked with big collection of different tabbles 👿 Please, help me to restore the database!!!

    Windows XP SP3, Tabbles v1.4.0.

    I’ve found this recomendation on your forum:

    C:Documents and SettingsYourNameDocumentsTabblesDatabases (if you have Windows XP). In this folder, you should see the file:
    – this is the database that got corrupted. Rename it to
    Now go to C:Documents and SettingsYourNameDocumentsTabblesBackup (if you have Windows XP), you should see
    – this is the database that is hopefully good. Copy it
    – Paste to …Databases and rename it to
    You should be good to go now! Still got problems? Write us

    It can’t help me, because:
    – there is NO Backup folder
    – in Databases there are only these 3 files:

    So, what can I do?

    Please, help me, that’s very important for me!
    Thank you.

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