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    • grahamrhind
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      Whilst you’re battling to get Tabbles to follow files when they’re moved or renamed, why not improve things by giving Tabbles a proper Explorer interface (in addition to, or with, the current Tabbles explorer in the left pane). If I want to move something in Windows Explorer I can just drag and drop it onto a folder.  Within Tabbles, because I can’t navigate to other folders it takes a lot of keystrokes and a lot of hassle to move a file.

      I’d also like to see a preview pane (because having to open each file in its native application to see what’s in it is a pain) . In fact, a lot could be done to make assigning Tabbles much quicker and easier – most of us don’t have just a couple of files to tabble (I have 135000 and counting…)



    • Andrea
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      Hell Graham,

      we’re not doing that cause it’s a lot of work and not many people need it. We’re instead sitting on a solution to have Tabbles to follow the files when they’re moved and we’ll release it in the next version (3.0) which should happen in a couple of months.




Viewing 1 reply thread
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