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    • xkat
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      Hi Maurizio and Andrea:

      I save most web-pages (HTML files) as .MHT, but still there is a problem with auto-tagging the large number of files associated with saving a web-page as HTML (Webpage Complete) because of all the minuscule css, js, jpg, etc. in the “HTMLfilename_files” folder.
      Also, I just recently noticed that “Thumbs.db” are getting auto-tagged – this type of file is just ‘overhead’ and not needed.

      Thus, a combination of <b>”Exclude extension”</b> e.g., “db”, AND <b>”EXCLUDE size”</b> e.g., “< 10kb” would vastly limit the database bloat.

      Possibly a ‘MASTER’ file extension list could be conceived – i really don’t want to add .jpg,.pdf,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlst, etc….. to all my auto-tagging rules.
      Or a ‘MASTER’ regular expression ?

      many thanks

    • Antony Bontot
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Viewing 1 reply thread
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