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      what about an entry in the Explorer Menu (right-click)?

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      Entry in the explorer menu? What do you mean by an "Entry"? ❓

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      This seems like one of the most important feature needs to me, as well. I find that I go in bursts "tabbling" stuff, then the interface sits behind my work and I forget to tag. I would love the ability to right-click a file in explorer and reach Tabbles features: both to tag and to invoke a search.

      Usability-wise, the tagging would need to allow multiple categories to be selected in the single operation. What I mean is that having to right-click and choose each Tabble to associate with a file would be very cumbersome. A persistant function that allows one to select multiple tabbles during the tagging operation would be slick.

      Thanks for being so responsive, by the way!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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