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    • Worked_the_World
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      Andrea, I want to use Tabbles to help. I will have about 4000 photos, some important. There are some features that would be highly useful. After all, your development time is free – right? Just joking, I have been there.

      I am planning to capture all the photos from my Grandfather’s life, my folks’, and family’s. This includes documentation for the future for my family and grandkids, etc. My deliverables are (1) electronic copies in jpg, tiff, etc. and pdf formats on flash drive, (2) electronic copies on CD, (3) hard copy printouts in album, and (4) hard copy originals as available.

      Biggest lack, that Tabbles may be able to help with in the future, is how to add context information to photos. Maybe a tag could be extended to a memo field, maybe the caption can be extended, may EXIF information could be used. I am beyond my level of expertise here, so my comments might not make sense.

      Being a terminal couch potato, I would welcome the ability to see a photo onscreen and record comments through a microphone, and with conversion to editable text. I know conversion won’t be too good, but what a help. I would be reaching back into my earliest memories for some of this. I promise to leave out swear words. I could type them in as well.

      Thanks for your help. I am looking forward to using Tabbles as it is for now. I will be buying a license this morning.

      Cliff Farris

    • Ronald Santos
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