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  • PeterDr
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    Hello Tabblets:

    I have just atarted with Tabbles, and before I invest a lot of time in Tabbling, I would like to change the location of all my Tabbles "User Data."

    Whenever it is at all possible, I keep Windows and all the Program Files on my C: drive. And I have a completely separate drive for all my own data. I do this because:

    * If all my data is on its own drive, it is very easy to back it up and (therefore) to restore.

    * And when Windows crashes, and I have to reformat and reinstall the C: drive, all my data is safe and unaffected.

    Now I know that Tabbles sets its Data location to : C:Documents and SettingsUserMy DocumentsTabbles, and in the Tabbles folder there is going to be a lot of stuff pertinent to my use of the program.

    I have created a Tabbles folder on my E: drive (my data drive) and have copied everything that is in the default Tabbles folder to the new location,. Now I would like to point Tabbles to the new Data Folder. It should then store all of my Tabbling there, and know to look over there for any config or other information that it needs in order to run.

    Can you tell me where in the program I can tell it where to find its (new) Default Data Folder?

    Thanks for your help


    PS: I hope that you are not too totally snowed under!

  • Tom Billiodeaux
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    I just installed Tabbles and already realize it is located on the wrong drive (not a sharing drive).
    I want to either move it or reinstall but I see nobody is responding to your post either.
    Guess we are on our own.

  • matus1976
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    In a related question I want to make sure that all the tagging data can be backed up and re-applied. Does that mean all one needs to do is backup the data stored in the My Documents\Tabbles folder?

  • Andrea
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    Hello World,

    I can see this topic is getting trendy…

    We hardcoded the location of the config files as we had issues in the past with that. Every now and again someone complains about it, but it appears not to be a game stopper, therefore it’s very low on our to-do list.

    Said that, if you install the beta of Tabbles 3 (which we’ve actually just updated), you’ll see all the tagging data is now stored in a Microsoft SQL database, so this folder issue is becoming old news.

    We strongly recommend you let the old version (2.x) alone and move to the 3.0 at once. You can get the beta here:



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