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      I was searching (briefly) users requests and was surprised that no one (probably just me unable to find it) has mentioned the changed location – unable to find file anymore issue. Tabble can’t track files locations changes? Major issue for me. It means that files must be definitely sorted out before tagging occurs. Well I need this kind of app exactly because I don’t have time to sort them out in explorer. But it often  happens me to move them around. What about reinstall/move the system. All the tabbles down the drain?

      I might be failing to see the options for this problem of mine in which case I apologize. The reason for my query is because I think that this app is awesome in all the other aspects. Cheers.



    • Andrea
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      Hello there,

      this is a known issue and we have a solution for it but not yet implemented…




Viewing 1 reply thread
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