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    • TheeDragon
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      hey guys /
      this MIGHT be just a coincidence
      but thought I will check in with you
      for the last few weeks / my laptop fan runs non-stop 100% of the time
      I thought because I have been doing a LOT of re-org of file structure across
      laptop/desktop/2 NAS drive/local USB 1TB backup drive / Sugarsync / OneDrive and Tabbles
      about 40Gb total Data

      Anyway / ALL places are DONE syncing / and fan still humming away –
      so – found that CPU is still over 50% with 35-45 on a process called
      microsoft windows search filter host
      is that related to any of your processes ????

      thought I’d ask before I start to uninstall and check effects
      the other new items a have are
      added 16Gb under my OneDrive (formerly called Skydrive)
      OneDrive has been on my system since new / just never used before
      and Cubby (which is like a baby sugarsync that encrypts files)
      only doing this for 1 folder with 5 files

      HP with hi-end AMD and 8gb ram

      thanks !

    • TheeDragon
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      oops . . .
      forgot to say – that ofen (these past few weeks)
      folders will not upate
      eg and new folder – it will not appear
      until I refresh view
      or if I drag a file – same thing
      need to refresh view –

      not know if Tabbles related – FYI

    • kaptabbles
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      About the second point (windows explorer not displaying the folder/file list automatically after a file/folder move/rename), I noticed the same symptoms on my installation.

      Seems not occurring 100% of the time in my case.

    • Maurizio
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      this might be due to the overlay handler.

      1) please tell me what version you have installed.

      2) install the latest version, 3.0.47, which has an optimization in the overlay handler. After installing, restart explorer.exe manually (sometimes the installer fails to do that) or reboot the machine.

      3) if the problem persists with tabbles 3.0.47:

      3.A) send log_overlay_handler1.txt to bugs AT tabbles.net

      3.B) try disabling the overlay handler (menu > options > disable explorer overlay icons) , restart explorer.exe or reboot the machine, and tell me if the problem is still present.

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    • TheeDragon
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      did 3.0.47 already
      explorer reset issues not seen today
      will watch and report back in a few days

      fixed the 35% cpu issue
      per google search
      found windows indexer issues with xml files
      edited that and now seems better

    • Maurizio
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      can you give me the link to the solution of the xml issue?

      So you are sure it is not Tabbles related? Good.

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