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      I tried to upgrade to the latest build this weekend, and right before I left home with my Tablet for church, I downloaded the newest Tabbles update, and figured that I would install it later that day when I had the time. But I realized one can’t install it successfully without an internet connection, since the install tries to download the .NET Client Profile installer, even if it is currently installed. Can the installer be setup to by pass this online check if the .NET Client Profile support framework is installed, or give the user the warning and option to ignore the fact the installer can’t find the .NET Client Profile installed, with the note that Tabbles may not work properly if this isn’t installed. (I really don’t like the last option, on a programmer’s point of view… but figured I throw it in there, since other apps, even Microsoft Apps, sometimes offer this option.

      But simply, it would be nice to install Tabbles, without having to connect to the internet.

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