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  • wilsonch
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    I’m posting this here rather than in feature requests because I think the ideas are too far out to be features.

    Well, what are the things I want to tag, other than files?

    Bookmarks: I have lots of bookmarks in Delicious and I am quite happy with that service and its ubiquity. There is no automatic tagging at all that I am aware of, though. What would be cool would be for Tabbles to synchronize itself with Delicious, both receiving updates from Delicious and sending updates to Delicious.

    Emails: I am using online Yahoo! email, with "otherinbox" automatically moving messages into folders based on addressees. The system is suboptimal, but good enough. I used to use Omea to automatically put emails into folders, though I never fully used its category system (a tagging system). I guess what I would like here would be folder-based automatic tagging as Tabbles does for files. But the folders and the messages would be on the web. And perhaps I could tag people (senders and addressees) and have those tags propagate to the email.

    Ebooks: I have a couple hundred ebooks. Most of the files (from Project Gutenberg) have cryptic file names like The primary tool I have been using, Mobipocket Reader, has no tagging support. A second tool, Calibre, does. What would be cool here would be a tool that would get the meta information from the ebook file and allow the user to tag the books and authors. Again automatic tagging would be cool. Right now I could tag the files themselves if I renamed the files to be the book titles or some other way coped with the cryptic file names.

    RSS feeds: As I said in another posting I’d like to be able to associate tags with feeds (the container) and automatically tag individual posts, as Tabbles does for files in folders. Within an RSS reader the feeds look like containers, but they aren’t really containers in the simple way that folders are.

    In all cases the automatic tagging should be an initial assignment that the user can over-ride. For instance, most of C.S. Lewis’s books are non-fiction on religious topics, but he also wrote several novels and even a volume or two of poetry.

    I have been rambling, thinking out loud.

  • nefycee
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    Emails: I am using online Yahoo! email…

    I’m using Gmail, GMX, Yahoo, hotmail and Web. They all have different systems.
    I want a tabbles plugin/addon for my thunderbird and maybe outlook. This would make more sense.

  • wilsonch
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    I emphasize this is not a feature request but open-ended thinking, so yahoo vs. outlook vs. X is far too much detail. FWIW, I would likely move my email activities to a platform that offered this tagging. Omea gave me the ability to tag most anything, in one repository — web links, email messages, RSS news feed items, contacts, notes, etc. It is unsupported (but open source) and the Outlook plug-in broke on my machine. I’m familiar with a number of solutions, like the Outlook rules facility. I moved to Yahoo and Otherinbox to get a "cloud" solution with some automated inbox processing. Finally, right now I prefer a web email solution over a local hard-disk solution. Maybe gmail will become the new Outlook — i.e., the email repository for which folks write add-ons and interfaces. Dunno. Don’t really care.

  • Andrea
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    Hello there,

    maybe you’d like to keep on eye on this thread. Soon there will (hopefully) be the chance to create plugins… 🙂

    Btw, if you’re using Gmail you can already tag your emails with Tabbles – Tabbles doesn’t read the gmail tags but you easily can tag emails using the bookmarklet.

    hope this helps 🙂


  • wilsonch
    Post count: 13

    I had understood that I could tag individual messages in Gmail. My quest is for automatic tagging based on folders or senders or recipients. I will watch the thread. As always, thanks for your quick, cheerful, accurate replies.

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