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  • TheeDragon
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    hi guys
    just started using MS OneDrive (which is defaulted loads with win 8.1)
    few months ago – added a few test folders/files = worked ok – then ignored it for a while
    then just got a free 1TB account and researched that files are encrypted in cloud
    so, I stated using it a lot last week
    uploaded (via its internal sync) about 8,000 files and 14GB
    worked ok
    it would randomly resync about 1200 files and 1.1GB
    no rationale as to files age or location (and not always the same files)
    after further research \
    (over 4 days and hours of online research – finding NO ONE else with same issue)
    I noted it was just office files (doc/xl/ppt)
    which brought me to recall tabble ‘tag’ issues
    (I have the new version and selected NO TAG on install)
    part of my test
    I UnTagged ALL my files (about 1200 — sound familiar?)
    still kept getting OneDrive to Sync ALL / then within 5 minutes
    get big message saying 0% uploaded – starting to sync now
    (this is a OneDrive message)
    next test was to disable Tabbles in the startup
    now my OneDrive works – ie – files are staying synced
    so . . . . .
    can you please debug Tabbles with OneDrive >>>>?????

  • Maurizio
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    we are developing synchronization support right now (i.e. support for dropbox , onedrive) so we’ll definitely do tests on it.

  • TheeDragon
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    – now that I was getting ‘hooked’ again using tabble
    it was (is) painful not to have it
    but can not have it running with the sync issues with OneDrive

    let me know if you want any ‘field’ testing

  • Maurizio
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    Have you tried unchecking “write tags in metadata” from the options menu?

  • TheeDragon
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    yes – I am the one that asked for that option (to STOP tagging office files)
    as your editing the file tags changed all my last modified settings
    and broke all my arching schema


  • Maurizio
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    We made tests with onedrive but had no problems so far.

    I’m afraid you’ll have to give us _exact_ steps to reproduce.

    If you tag 1 Terabyte of docx files, with “write-to-metadata” enabled, tabbles will modify them, so of course onedrive will start uploading 1 Terabyte of docx files.

    But if you have disabled the “write-to-metadata” options, it does not make sense that onedrive is resyncing.

  • TheeDragon
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    per my earlier post
    I have 14gb of files
    and it kept resyncing about 1.1 gb
    I turned if tabbles
    resyncing problems stopped

    I restarted with v3.047 and problems gone

  • Maurizio
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    what do you mean “I restarted with v3.047 and problems gone” ?

    Simply restarting the pc fixed the problem?

  • TheeDragon
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    no – i restarted the PC several times = had no effect
    I then disabled Tabbles from the startup menu
    let it off for a few days
    then I DL the new version of Tabbles
    and then ran Tabbles with the .exe
    seemed to work ok (ie not resyncing OneDrive over and over)
    then re-enabled Tabbles in the startup menu
    seems to be working ok now for several days
    I am sure it had something to do with the system getting confused with Tabbles tags on/off and OneDrive Sync Logic

  • Maurizio
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    Let’s pretend it didn’t happen. 🙂

    Because without exact steps to reproduce the problem (with only a few files, not 1 Terabyte) there’s nothing we can do anyway.

  • xkat
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    thanks, @theedragon for bringing up these issues.<br><br>regarding <span style=”font-style: italic;”><span style=”font-weight: bold;”>OneDrive</span></span> generally: it is still (and most likely will forever be) a work in progress, and as such it seems to (ir)regularly pop up with sync and other errors. I think this is due, in some part, to the wide range of platforms that <span style=”font-style: italic;”><span style=”font-weight: bold;”>OneDrive </span></span>clients are installed on. I have installed and supported it on a half dozen MSoft OSes and it has shown, by degree, wide-ranging error conditions, similar and dissimilar to @theedragon‘s, on all of them.<br><br>this is only to say, that i believe issues crossing the TABBLES / <span style=”font-weight: bold;”><span style=”font-style: italic;”>OneDrive</span></span> event horizon may in large part be directed to <span style=”font-style: italic;”><span style=”font-weight: bold;”>OneDrive</span></span> inconsistencies.<br>This may be a blessing (in disguise?) in that MSoft rolling the <span style=”font-style: italic;”><span style=”font-weight: bold;”>OneDrive</span></span> platform out to global multi-client beta(!)-testing will require that MSoft diligently work out the bugs, or reap even greater global-user acrimony if they don’t.<br>Not to say MSoft has proved to have been this committed to ‘user experience’ previously, but we can hope, can’t we?<br>Finally, i think TABBLES is great and i’d like it to see it steadily grow into a codebase that can be even more integrated into explorer and doc editors.<br><br>

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