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  • cherold
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    So I got a message that there was an update for Tabbles. It’s a little weird since it’s a Beta, and usually software will wait past the Beta stage, but the note says it’s pretty stable, so what the hell.

    After I install, I have a choice of SQL or the cloud and choose the cloud. Then when Tabbles starts up, all my tags are long. I panic for a bit and then finally figure out I need to import the database. Which is the sort of thing one would expect to a) happen automatically when you upgrade or b) at least be given a warning about.

    Then I discovered that there is a limit on the free version of Tabbles that wasn’t on the last version. There had been no warning about that. So I had to uninstall the new version and reinstall the previous version.

    That was a big waste of my time that could have been avoided if you had simply explained the nature of the limitations and database importing on the download page.

  • Hsn Stj
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    did you find the solution? that’s my problem too!

  • quirkygal
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    I’m interested to hear the solution to your problem as well. I tried to download and install the newest 3.0 version but for the life of me can’t get the local SQL database set up. This server based model may be a good idea for businesses, but not for those of us who work from home in solo practices.

  • Andrea
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    Dear everyone,

    we’ll disable the update message soon.
    If you need help to setup SQL, you’re welcome to write us at bugs -at-


  • cherold
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    I’m not sure how you’re defining “soon.” It’s been four weeks and I still get the update nag everyday.

    In terms of setting up SQL, I’m not thinking I’d have a problem with it, I’m simply assuming that it would have the same limitation as the cloud DB, so there’s no point to it.

  • u124040
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    Still getting this annoying message too

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