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  • Renincuente
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    Hello All:
    This follows the posts made in: http://getsatisfaction.com/tabbles/topics/allow_tabbles_to_be_tagged. As Andrea suggested me that it will be better to discuss this in the forums I will continue here.

    Hello Andrea :
    Thanks for the answer , although the "GUI reason" doesn’t convince me:

    I’d say that tagging a tabble won’t happen, and the main reason is the GUI: our GUI is already showing a lot more data than a normal file-manager and some people still have troubles getting through it. Another level of relation would make it even more complicated, while the value would be debatable because you can achieve similar results using the auto-tagging rules.

    a) From the GUI point of view, practically there will be no difference in what a tabble shows. Visually, the effect will be the same as when you copy a tabble into another: the master shows the children’s contents, the child tabble remains the same, and nothing else, except for the tabble showing its tag when it is listed in "Files and Tabbles" view mode. There’s no visual difference between what exists today by copying tabs and what the tabble tagging feature will do. The value would be that you "multi-tag" all the tabble content only with one click, just by tagging the tabble, and no rules are needed for further maintenance, just as it is in the hierarchical relationship. It is practically the same thing, with the advantage that you avoid to destroy the hierarchy original meaning ( Remember "Games genres->RPG->Fallout3" ). This and the current complexity to tag a tabble’s content to another tabble are the reasons why I think not having that feature is a not so small limitation, but well ,is up to you to implement it or not :).

    b) I agree the GUI is showing too much data and the mix between tabbles,folders and files makes things confusing. I have a couple of suggestions though:

    – Make use of the ListView’s "Groups" property. If you already have a way to discriminate tabbles,folders and files (and i guess you already have it) then you may assign each of them to a Group in the ListView (Tabbles,Folders,and Files, obviously). This way they’ll get separated ,each one,with a label above telling which is which. As long as the "View" property is not equal to View.List, they’ll show up.

    -Also, the fact of showing the folders inside a tabbler is questionable, it has practically no use as most people will be interested in the files and tabbles only -and from a file you get the folder anyways-, so I would suggest an option to show/hide them , although obviously it shouldn’t apply when you are actually navigating through the disk structure )

    c) About your points 1,2 & 3, I’m suggesting this feature, precisely to avoid all that pain… already explained that above.

    If you still want to avoid to introduce the new kind of relationship (and once more, I see no evil) , I have another variant though:

    Instead of tagging tabbles, set an option (may be in the context menu of a tabble) to tag the tabble content , (but the tabble itself doesn’t get tagged). Also to complement this, there should exist the possibility of Auto-tagging rules that trigger when a file is included in a tabble to allow for example that each time a file is included in tabble A it will be also included in tabble B

    That will provide similar functionality, but still it will be less easy than tagging tabbles because of the need to define auto-tagging rules. And also needs the "tabbles auto-rules" programming (which is not needed in the original proposition )…but well you keep the tabbles untagged ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    I hope this helps – thanks for the hint and please keep in mind that the forum is the best place to discuss this stuff as we have a bunch of active users in there who love talking about these things ๐Ÿ™‚

    About the forums. Actually I went here first when I was about to make the bugs post, but there was a redirection message telling people to go to getsatisfaction.com. Now you tell me to go here… ๐Ÿ™‚ , So how is this ? Bugs there and other stuff here?

  • Andrea
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    Hello there, and welcome to the forum! ๐Ÿ™‚

    you’re making a bunch of interesting points indeed… I’m pinning your post.
    As I mentioned on getsatisfaction, we’re currently giving low priorities to the GUI – but what you ask does indeed make sense. There has been several discussions about tagging tabbles and about the OR feature (now we just have AND and NOT). I guess the OR would be priority, but your points make sense too… ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing: we’ve just introduced regular expressions in the auto-tagging rules, and maybe you could be interested in giving it a go? Have a look a this post.

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Renincuente
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    One thing: we’ve just introduced regular expressions in the auto-tagging rules, and maybe you could be interested in giving it a go?

    Yes , It’s nice that they are implemented. I’ve already used them in a similar way than in that post and everything went ok. The expressions I used were slightly different-let’s say it’s the same but with "common factors" applied :


    EDIT: Actually I had it beginning with .+. , i didn’t know that Windows allowed files with no name and only extension, but seems it does allows them, so in this case the asterisk is more accurate than the plus sign

  • Andrea
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    I’ll add this to the upcoming wiki page ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of course you’re very welcome to contribute too: you can write stuff in the wiki with the same user and pass you have on the forum!

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