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  • Dedas
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    One of the features that I was looking for in my search for file tagging software was to be able to add a short description to a file so that from there I could easily see if it is the file or file version I’m looking for.

    There could be a "notes" section in the popup that shows when hovering over "info" for example. There’s no need for massive amounts of text but just simple things like "This is the final version before review" or "Document including person yyy comments"

    Any chance this would get added to tabbles?

    PS. In my software search I actually now settled for Tabbles!

  • slowpork
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    I want this feature as well. Will this be possible in near future?

  • slowpork
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  • Maurizio
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    Hi, please explain why you need this.

    Yes, this will be done. the question is when , and the details. Are the notes per-user and per-file? i.e. can a file have many notes from many users? where do the notes appear? only in the tooltip? If it’s only in the tooltips, this is a simple task. Otherwise it is more difficult.

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