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Hi mrdna!

yes, I remember the thread… not sure about the feasibility as it would require a db merge (which we’re already doing with the export/import functions…). You’re right about it anyway.

This brings up 2 things I can see; OR functionality in the rules panel (mp4 OR mov > Video tabble. Could have 1 rule instead of bunches, perhaps), and importing structures.

Well, this is *kinda* not true anymore: in the latest release we introduce the chance to use regular expressions in the rules (that was Maurizio’s idea… hats off to him!). While regular expression seem to be impossible to understand, the point is that we don’t really need to do complex stuff, therefore once we get 3 or 4 useful ones working, we can play around and change them to get more of them out. As they keep coming, we could put them in the wiki?

Some resources about regular expressions:
– Page on Codeplex
– Download Expresso, a regular expression editor
– The reference page on MSDN
– Regular expression library (warning: the syntax could be different… the one on the MSDN page is the one that should work)

===> YES IT WORKS!!!

Well, I just got my first one working (with some help from Maurizio…hehe)! Here you go:


This one matches .avi OR .mov OR .mpg. A little explanation:
.* = matches any character
. = matches the character "." (the dot)
avi = matches the pattern "avi" (and also mov and mpg)
$ = end of the pattern to be matched (append this at the end of the thing you want to match)
| = plain and simple logical OR

So, if you want to add anothe extension, like .mp3, you append |.*.mpg$ to the previous expression.

Other interesting stuff:
b = matches backspace
^ = beginning of the line to be matched, the opposite of $
Well, the rest is in the msdn reference…

I can see someone (mrdna) starting to toy around with this, isn’t it? 😀 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :geek:

Hint: I got it to crash once already… since this is the first time we release this complex feature, of course it’s not bug-free!!! Therefore, make sure you backup your db when making experiments – you’ve been warned.

[EDIT]: our new friend Renicuente just posted he successfully used the regular expression:


[EDIT 2]: check this out

P.S.: soon there will be a page in the wiki and one on the main site on this topic… you’re all welcome to contribute!


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